A Little About Me


I began piano lessons in May of 2005, when I was six years old.   Like most children that age, I had messed around with a piano before, but you certainly couldn't call it playing.   I was lucky enough to find Lee Davis, who agreed to give lessons to me.   His schedule is always overbooked, yet he never fails to find the time and the patience to help me when I call on him.   He truly has worked as hard as I have to help me become the musician I am today.


I'm still in high school.   I'm currently enrolled as a senior at Connections Academy.   It's an on-line school that's part of the Georgia Public School System and I can't say enough good things about it.   I'm also enrolled as a freshman at Piedmont College.   If you're still in high school and have a chance to dual enroll, you should definitely take a look at it.   College is a lot different from high school, so dual enrollment can really help with the transition!


I love to fly.   I take flying lessons at the Jackson County Airport from Tom Shaw.   Being up in the clouds is a bit different from playing the piano, but it's nice to have something that pushes me a little out of my comfort zone.